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Allan James

Allan James

Allan James is a rock / pop artist located in the Shenandoah Valley of Northern Virginia (USA). Located in a small town, his home and studio are surrounded by beautiful mountains, where he writes, records, produces albums and performs live via webcasts.

Though he is known for his creative style of guitar playing, he is also an award winning singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. His main instrument is guitars and his playing styles are dynamic, original and diverse. He also plays keyboards, bass and drums.

Allan is a self-taught musician and began playing guitar and singing when he was 8. In his early teens he began recording and performing live shows in schools, events, dances and charities. When Allan was 15 he moved to Iceland for a few years where he had his own TV guitar show, and also played on Icelandic TV with the most popular rock band at the time. He also played at the college before heading back to the U.S. to record his first single, which became a local favorite in clubs, colleges and record stores in the Washington DC area. He has won several talent contests and awards in Montana, DC, Virginia, and Maryland as well as on a cruise ship while he was in the Bahamas.

Allan has performed and recorded for several years as a solo artist as well as with rock bands, and had many successful recordings, performances and projects overseas and in the U.S. He was the founder member of the very popular rock band “Arc of Light” which toured the east coast and released 2 albums. Allan has released 2 singles, 4 albums and is currently working on his 5th CD to be released with his new record company “The But! Music Group”.

Though Allan has been influenced by some great artists, his overall sound and approach to the songs is unique and original. He’s developed into an extremely creative and versatile song-writer and musician. His songs have been described as original, meaningful, melodic, emotive, atmospheric and inspirational with a rock edge. Some critics and fans have compared his songs to John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, U2 and Cold Play to name a few.

Allan has always been at the forefront of utilizing the latest technologies on the web and multimedia. He is known as being one of the first in the DC area for streaming his songs and live shows via webcasts. He learned early on the power of live video using the internet and began to build his own webcast studio in his home. He also produced several music videos, of which one of them won an award for best produced original rock band video.

“Perry Howard”, president of BMI America said that his songs are great and production wise to quote “With the likes of Jeff Lynne, George Harrison and Steely Dan”.

Allan’s music has also been used for several other projects beyond just live shows and albums. His music has been used on many websites and videos for several companies and organizations.

Allan’s songs can be heard on iTunes, internet radio stations, YouTube, and other music websites. He is quickly gaining notoriety and has caught the attention of music biz executives and has gained several thousand fans around the world.

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