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Worry Dolls

The Worry Dolls Band
In 2014 the south coasts finest "Worry Dolls" are ready to take Britain by storm, huddled up in a cold south coast studio waiting for filming to commence for their debut video Emma turned to a friend and said "It's been three years in the making and now we are ready to take it to the next level" A statement echoed by local press and media alike.

The Jones Gang Band
These three musicians have performed on some of the most popular and critically acclaimed rock recordings of all time - including "Stay With Me," "It's Only Rock and Roll," and "Juke Box Hero," and have sold a combined 50 million records throughout their careers.

Bob Harris Broadcaster
Bob Harris is described by 'Radio Times' as "One of the greats of British contemporary music broadcasting...still an independant champion of the great music".

Z-Star Singer
Z-Star’s live shows are quite simply, unforgettable. You have to physically experience them to understand the infectious nature of her magical energy. She can be still as a slow burning candle or as explosive as a Molotov. A gifted vocalist, musician and bandleader, with a talent for creating deep dynamic soundtracks that mix Soul Jazz Bossa Blues Roots n Rock into one unmistakable sound.


Flood Singer
Enjoying the love of simply making music for the heart and soul, Flood writes her lyrics in a way that is easy for people to relate to , but also to interpret in their own way , Her greatest inspiration is Ben Howard. Truly amazing lyrics, his music completely takes her somewhere else.

Patchwork Grace Band
Nottingham based band , Quirky band members Tori Trash, Joey Strange, Crip and Danny Gunn are some of the youngest punk rockers on the circuit.

Spit Like this Band
We are SPiT LiKE THiS. And don't you forget it. Chromium-plated cosmic supertripping shock 'n' roll neon sex fun all wrapped up in a deliciously devilish exterior. We are your new fucking heroez. Simple. No-one does it like this anymore. I mean, NO-ONE.

Gabriel Miller Phillips Singer
Gabriel Miller Phillips’ musical career began in bed. At age 21, when it had become too painful for Miller Phillips to walk, he underwent several operations to straighten his leg bones and spent two years largely bedridden in a house on the Massachusetts coast.

Cook Music

Cook Singer/Songwriter
COOK is a 20 year old singer/songwriter originally from a very small town in Cumbria. The whole family up sticks and moved to London when she was 16 to help pursue her dreams of a career in the music industry. Currently based in Hammersmith, West London COOK is starting to build up her profile, gigging locally both acoustic & with her band

The Kamen Band
Based in South Yorkshire, England, THE KAMEN are a 4 piece British to the bone rock outfit. Writing their own material they create a unique sound that transcends generations. They are, Paul Jackson – Vocals. Scott Jordan – Bass & Backing Vox. Mark Rendi – Guitar. Chris Lewis – Drums & Backing Vox.

Garrett Miller

Garrett Miller Radio/TV Presenter
With over 150,000 listeners, fans know they’ll always enjoy fresh and unscripted conversations. Garrett’s “Friday Night Dance Party” is currently syndicated on two UK networks -- Chat & Spin Radio and West Star Radio -- as one of their highest rated programs. Garrett has Guest Co-Hosted “Dirty Pop with Lance Bass” on Sirius XM’s Out Q..

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