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floodMusic has always been a huge part of Flood’s life. Both of her parents have been involved in the music business, and home was always a mixture of so many genres of music flowing through it, she started keyboard lessons at the age of 7. Then by the time she was 8, went on to learn how to play both acoustic and electric guitar. Acoustic guitar has always been her favourite instrument. Whilst living in Spain her Flood joined her parents involvement in a community based project for kids, not a music school but similar, & almost every night, she would be singing and learning to play bass guitar. From this she joined an Indie rock band as the lead singer and bass guitarist. The band would perform live gigs not only in small venues to small audiences but on occasions to a few thousand people at local music festivals, with the back drop of the sea!!

Enjoying the love of simply making music for the heart and soul, Flood writes her lyrics in a way that is easy for people to relate to , but also to interpret in their own way , Her greatest inspiration is Ben Howard. Truly amazing lyrics, his music completely takes her somewhere else. That is exactly what Flood aims for, to be able to give people that incredible feeling through her music.

In Flood’s own words:-

“Song writing is like therapy to me, it is my escape. Whenever something is bothering me, listening to music or writing a song has always helped me through it. Although I am young, I struggled with life as a child and have had many life changing experiences which have assisted me with my song writing I am not trying to be majorly famous; I am just doing what I love “

Now back in UK, Flood has been working with up & coming emerging young producer Danny XP, @ Nu Gen studios completing tracks for her debut album scheduled for Autumn 2015 . She will be touring, primarily on London circuit.