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Garrett Miller

floodGarrett was born in Salem, Oregon where he grew up on a healthy diet of Portland Wrestling. A budding photographer awed by the theatrics of “predetermined sports entertainment,” his >irst pictures were deemed too professional for an amateur contest. Garrett’s work was quickly picked up by Pro Wrestling Illustrated and The Wrestler – the leading magazines of the era. Garrett also starred in two TV commercials for a local Oregon company.

Seeking a collegiate year-round suntan, Garrett attended Arizona State University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness. Garrett continued honing his photojournalism skills in various publications and was eventually pursued to write and perform voiceovers for a national corporation while also serving as its Vice President of Global Business Development.

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In 2010, Garrett moved to Los Angeles with his sights on Hollywood. By early 2012, a former client contacted Garrett to host a new radio program in Laguna Beach. The listeners demanded more which became the genesis of Rated G Radio: weeknights, Garrett hosts and produces a talk radio spectacular interviewing such notables as a 2012 presidential candidate, an Olympic gold medalist, TV stars, Grammy winners, directors, >ilmmakers, a Broadway star from Phantom of the Opera, award-winning authors, business moguls, pet advocates and international recording artists.

With over 150,000 listeners, fans know they’ll always enjoy fresh and unscripted conversations. Garrett’s “Friday Night Dance Party” is currently syndicated on two UK networks -- Chat & Spin Radio and West Star Radio -- as one of their highest rated programs. Garrett has Guest Co-Hosted “Dirty Pop with Lance Bass” on Sirius XM’s Out Q.

In 2013 Garrett co-wrote and recorded a four-song EP, Eyes Wide. The positive response spurred the music video for the single Guess What It’s Christmastime. In June 2015, Garrett will release an 11-track album, Blond Jesus, co-written with producer Brian Pothier. The songs feature a mixture of rock, dance and tribal beats paired with lyrics aimed to inspire people to achieve their dreams. Garrett’s lead single, Gay Wedding, is an adaption of the classic 1982 song White Wedding by the iconic Billy Idol.