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Atmospheric Electropop band LäGzz, founded in London UK and NYC, based in Nuremberg, Germany, have been together since 2013. PURE WHITE LIGHT is their international debut release.

LäGzz is a band that is at home in the top 40 charts as well as on any European dance floor. The mixture of electronic dance explosions and radio friendly pop tunes shows they can take their moody popdance style and cross a modern with a vintage sound. They are a band that will have a pop or dance tag applied to them but can easily slide into a gothic pop vibe with stormy guitar solos and a fresh, ethereal sound. The genre description of electronica and dance is easiest to describe the style.

With LäGzz you have a band that have taken diverse sounds and served up a meal that you can sink your teeth into. Radio-friendly pop tunes with catchy choruses are a pleasant introduction to PURE WHITE LIGHT. The driving percussion suitable for mixing into a serious EDM dance mix seduces the listener towards the ambient catharsis gothpop tracks with memorable lyrics. This is another reason to label LäGzz as a radio-friendly band.

If you have a good ear for radio-friendly electrodance tunes with catchy choruses PURE WHITE LIGHT is a debut full of tracks you should enjoy, get familiar with and hear the full potential of LäGzz.

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