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Nathan Pure

Nathan Pure

Nathan Pure is an Austrian musician, singer/songwriter, producer and engineer cooperating with STEVEN WILLIAMS (Sting, Clapton) in the Chapel Studios London, and with some great UK musicians like ALAN DARBY (Eric Clapton), Trevor Barry (Phil Collins) and Jim Watson (Katie Melua).

In his 2011 recordings with these fantastic guys he got refocused on his musical path of life and started his project "It's all about Music" which is in its fourth year now. Beginning on 25th June 2015 he releases his newest productions, the uptempo, latin touched song UGLY DICTATORS and the lovely ballad Will U EVER STAY.

Now in Nov 2016 starts his newest project SMILE-One Year 12 Songs which will bring one new song every month till Oct 2017.

Nathan Pure started his musical career in the early 80's with the band MEN&CC. After 3 years in this band and one year of studying music in Graz he switched to his second passion, the technical engineering work, but always kept his musical path alive. In the year 2010 he got involved in a Marketing project for an upcoming internet platform and wrote a title song - ZONEWORLD - to this project.

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